Well, the new year is finally here. Thus ends the year of Peanutbutter2003 Animated Comics. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make any more comics due to my new computer. (not like anyone cares...) Yes, yes, it makes my sad too.... *cries like Melissa* I no longer have the Animation software on my PC so... I can't really make any more. ^^;; Well, I hope you enjoy the comics that I have made, and continue to visit this site in case I add something new and exciting. I hope you all have an eventful and zesty new year. Until next time... ja!


Episode 1: Fat Chippie

Episode 2: Chippie's Lair

Episode 3: The Mysterious Wand

Episode 4: The Evil Cookies

Episode 5: The Parade

Episode 6: Celebrity Dress up Day... or is it?

Episode 7: The Dating Show

Episode 8: A Trip to the Bowling Alley

Episode 9: Stranded in the Desert

Episode 10: Butter in Love

Episode 11: Noodle's Discovery

Episode 12: The Weakest Link (gone wrong...)

Episode 13: May 31st!!! DISNEYLAND!!!

Episode 14: The New Flaget

Episode 15: Tea at Broccoli's

Episode 16: The Beach

Episode 17: Camping Among the Foxtails

Episode 18: Gummiworm's Noble Death

Episode 19: Camping Among the Wild Horses

Episode 20: The Beach (take two)

Episode 21: August 12th, DISNEYLAND!!

Episode 22: The Life of a Band Geek

Episode 23: The Weakest Link (once again)

Episode 24: Jelly's Not-so-Zesty Christmas

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