A plane flew over the desert. The plane was being pioleted by a chipmunk. A very evil chipmunk. Being held captive inside of the plane were Peanut, Butter, and Broccoli.

The chipmunk dumped the three prisoners into the desert wearing nothing but parachutes on their backs. They would have to find their own food, water, and shelter. (What does this sound like? Don't worry... no one's getting voted off! ^_~)

Right away Broccoli took charge. "Now, if we're going to be living in the desert we're going to need food, water, and shelter."

"Food is definately the most important thing," said Peanut. "No way! Shelter is top priority!" Butter replied. "WHAT IS THAT STUPID MONKEY DOING HERE?!" cried Broccoli.

Peanut left to look for food, and Butter left to find shelter. Night fell, and Broccoli was left all alone in the dark. She was so scared that she didn't sleep at all.

In the morning Peanut and Butter returned. "I have food in this bag!" said Peanut. "And I have some wood to build a shelter with!" said Butter.

"We'll be having fresh meat for dinner!" said Peanut, opening the bag. It was the monkey!

Just then the monkey started laughing maliciously. "I can't belive you fools fell for my trick!" said the monkey.

Then the monkey ripped open revealing a chipmunk... and not just any chipmunk... CHIPPIE!

Everyone was shocked. "Don't you get it?!" said Chippie, "I dumped you all off in the desert so I could kill you and not get arrested!"


"You have the right to remain silent! You are under arrest!" The End.

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