One day Peanut, Butter, Broccoli, Jellybean, and Chris went to the bowling alley to play DDR. "Wow!" said Peanut, "There it is! It's so beautiful!" "Well... instead of staring at it why don't you get up there and play?" asked Butter.

So, Peanut and Butter started playing. Peanut accidently put Butter on the hardest level...

"Let me play now!" said Chris. Then... uh... he kinda fell over...

"I CAN'T PLAY!!!!" said Chris. "I'm so sad..." Just then a churro appeared. Now he was happy.

"Hey everyone!" said Chippie as she walked into the bowling alley. "I saw you guys here so I bought you all Shirley Temples!"

Right away, everyone drank their Shirley Temples except for Chris. "Sorry Chippie," he said, "I'm trying to stay away from caffine." Just then, everyone died! Chippie had poisened the drinks!

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" screamed Chris, "Why does everything bad always happen to me?!"

"Well..." said Chippie, "If you're not going to drink my three dollars and seventy five cents worth of Shirley Temple, I'll drink it so it doesn't go to waist." That wasn't one of Chippie's brightest moments. (She forgot it was poisened...)

(Although they were all dead) Everyone rejoiced at Chippie's death. The End.

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