One day at school Peanut, Butter, and all of their friends decided to dress up like their favorite celebrities for no reason. "Hi everyone!" called Peanut, "Like our outfits?"

"Mine's better." said Chris.

Then all of the sudden a green pixie appeared out of nowhere. It was Broccoli? "Hey guys! I'm Tinkerbroccoli!" Peanut leaned over to Butter, "I think she went a little overboard..."

"Hey peoples!" It was Olive. "I couldn't find a costume so Chippie gave me this hat to wear today!"

"You guys are so inmature," said Cheese, "How could you dress up like that in PUBLIC?"

"Come on Noodle! Let's bust this joint before they notice!"

"So..." said Olive, trying to make this boring comic more interesting, "has anyone seen Chippie?"

Just then, like magic ^^, Chippie appeared in a... er... interesting costume. "With this costume I'll kill you all!! Mwa ha ha ha!"

"CRAP!" cried Chippie, "I can't get this dang costume off!!!!!!!!"

"Oh, fish sticks. Not again."

"Did somebody call?"

"Did I miss something?"

Some things will always remain unknown... The End.

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