It was 3 o'clock in the morning on the day of the parade. Fruitcake had called the whole color guard team to practice early to prepare for the parade. Everyone was very tired.

"Alright girls," said Fruitcake, "we need to start practicing, like, right away. It's 8 hours untill the parade! We need to hurry! And, like, where is Chippie?"

The team worked for hours on their tosses. (Olive had a little trouble catching the tosses without using her "head".)

"Hey Fruitcake!" said Peanut, "You have a fly on your head!"

All of the sudden Fruitcake was covered in flags.

"Thanks guys," said Fruitcake, "I, like,hate bugs."

Meanwhile, in Chippie's lair... Chippie had been wathing the whole time. She laughed evily. "I will blow up the parade with this bomb," she exclaimed, "They will never win the trophy now! Muah hah hah!"

Just then the parade started. Chippie ran into the street with the bomb, but was trampled.

After the parade had passed the bomb... well... exploded! Guess what happened to Chippie...

Everyone was overjoyed at the site of Chippie's death, and they won 1st place in the parade. (yea... right...) The End.

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