One day after school Peanut and Chris were talking.

Then all of the sudden an evil-looking Butter appeared out of nowhere! Chris got away but it was too late for Peanut!

After being attacked by Butter, Peanut turned evil too!

Chris ran away as fast as he could.

Just then, all of Chris' friend's came out of nowhere and surrounded him. All of his friends were evil just like Butter!

"I am so scared right now..." cried Chris.

Just then Chris heard someone laughing evily. It was Chippie!

"What have you done to my friends?!" Chris yelled at Chippie.

"Well you see," said Chippie, "I fed Butter some of my evil Weakest Link Cookies, and she too turned into an evil cookie. Everything she touched would turn evil too!"

"No you don't!" said Chris, kicking the bag of cookies at Chippie.

The bag smashed into Chippie resulting in an explosion. (What else?)

One by one Chris' friends turned back into normal. They were so happy that Chris had saved them. The End.

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