One day Peanut, Butter, and Broccoli were walking along when they found a mysterious wand lying on the ground.

Broccoli recognized this wand. "It's the wand of wishes," she told her friends. She picked up the wand and said, "I wish I were Tinkerbell!"

Just then Chris walked by, but he startled Broccoli so she accidently let go of the wand. The wand accidently hit Chris!

Just then Chris turned into Tinkerbell!

Broccoli, Butter, and Peanut all laughed at Chris.

Chris was so angry that he picked up the wand and turned Butter, Peanut, and Broccoli into Annes'!

Chris laughed and laughed.

Just then, for no apparent reason, Chippie walked in and started laughing like a psycopathic chipmunk... wait a second... she IS a psycopathic chipmunk! And then... ya... you KNOW what happened next...

Chris and the three Annes' jumped for joy at the site of Chippie's death. The End.

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