Well... actually it wasn't... I just felt like saying that.

It was actually a cold December afternoon at school.

"Hey Jelly! I think I just saw Santa Clause in the band room office!"

Jelly got so excited that she ran into the office.

"SANTA!! Is that you?!"

"Ok..." said Jelly, "So I really want a pony..."

"Wow!" said Mrs. Greenbean, "I didn't know you were Santa Clause!"

"I'M NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Later that day, as Butter and Peanut were practicing with their weapons for the parade...

"WOW! GIANT CANDY CANES!!!!" said Jelly.

But... they weren't exactly candy canes... and Jelly learned that the hard way.

"I am never eating a candy cane ever again..."

Then, as Butter was practicing she accidently dropped... er.. threw her rifel.

"WOW! Rudolph!!!" said Jelly.

"Um... no..." said Chris.

"This is the worst Christmas ever."

"HO HO HO! I am Santa Paws!"


"Um... yea... sure... here's your gift kid."

"Wow, thanks!"

"But wait a second... I said I wanted a pony... not a stupid horse."

"You can keep your cheap gift!" said Jelly.

Well... due to the death of Chippie, everyone had a zesty Christmas. The End.

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