It was a hot afternoon as the Color Guard practiced their marching with Mrs. Greenbean. "Check it out guys," she said, "we can make this look really groovy."

Later that day, they practiced the half-time show. "I hope you're good at twirling a flag," said Baby Carrot, "beacause if you hit me then I'll shove this up your-"

Butter "accidently" hit Baby Carrot... "Oops! Sorry!"

Next, they worked on the parade.

Chris accidently let go of his baton...

Meanwhile, the flags were practicing their routine with their coach, Flagbag. "5, 6, 7, 8..."

Baby Carrot decided to watch, but he stood a little too close to Pumpkin...

"Where is my son?!" exclaimed Mr. Carrot.

"I'm right here daddy."

The banner line also practiced their routine. "5 6 7 8!!!" said Cheeto. "Simmer down turbo!" said Broccoli.

"Son! What are you doing? You should be practicing!!!"

A few weeks later the band and colorguard performed in a parade.

"Where is Chippie?!" said Flagbag. "She's supposed to be in this parade!"

"Look buddy! Up in the sky!"

It was Chippie, parachuting down onto the parade route.... (her parachute didn't seem to work correctly tho...)

"Engage the brain son!"

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