One day after school Chris and Broccoli were talking by the band room.

All of the sudden Peanut came running out of nowhere, but accidently tripped.

(Still on the ground) Peanut said to Chris and Broccoli, "Butter is in danger! She was captured by a monster!"

Chris, Broccoli, and Peanut rushed into the monster's lair and saw that it wasn't really a monster holding Butter hostage. It was Chippie!

"Let Butter go, now!" yelled Peanut. "There will come a day when I will ask you a favor."

"Never!" said Chippie. "I'm going to spread her on my toast! You should try some! That cheap, synthetic texture provides a delightful contrast to some of the more docile of wild preserves. Would you like some....TOAST?"

"I'm going to give you an offer you can't refuse." said Peanut, pulling out a gun.

Peanut pointed the gun at Chippie and pulled the trigger.

(I think you know what happened next.)

Butter was now free! And Chippie was dead! Yay! The End.

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