One day, Peanut, Butter, Broccoli, Chris, and Gummiworm were at the bowling alley playing DDR.

Little did they know that Chippie was planing a surprise attack while they were playing. "The next person to get up on that dance pad will be smooshed by my anvil! MWA HAHA!!!"

The next person to play was Chris...

As Chris was playing, Gummiworm spotted the anvil above him.

Right as the anvil was about to smoosh Chris, Gummiworm pushed him out of the way but was smooshed herself! "Um... can someone help me?"

"HAHAHAHA! Finally! I actually suceeded! I've never actually been able to kill anyone before..."

Just then, Chris picked up the anvil and threw it at Chippie...

... resulting in an explosion.

Even though Chippie was dead everyone was still upset about the loss of their friend.

"Hey! What are you guys crying about?!"

"Who the heck are you?! (and... what's wrong with your head...)"

"Well... it seems that the anvil smooshed Gummiworm, caushing her to turn into some sort of gummy jelly."

Yay. Wasn't that exciting? Well... Chris, Broccoli, Peanut, Butter, and Jelly celebrated Chippie's death. The End.

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