Here's another old comic... and this one's dedicated to Butter!! ^_~

One weekend Butter and her family were going camping, and they decided to bring Peanut with them. (what a mistake... j/k)
BUTTER: For some reason I feel like we're being followed...

When they arrived at the campsite there were bugs swarming everywhere. "These bugs are everywhere!" said Butter.

"You're telling me."

Peanut, Butter, and Butter's sister, Cream, decided to go on a walk. While they were on their walk they met a foxtail... "Foxtails are dangerous you know," she said, "Small animals can get them stuck in their eyes, ears, nose, or even up their-" "Ok... ok... I think we officially know too much...." said Cream.

"Crap... I wish I would have known sooner..."

Later that day, Cream took Peanut and Butter on a ride in the Jeep.

"Isn't this fun?" said Butter (to Peanut).

BUTTER: Um... Peanut... where'd you go?

"Heh heh... I seem to have gotten stuck in a tree..."

Meanwhile, Chippie was hiding in some bushes. "The next time those fools drive by I'll be able to jump out of these bushes and kill them! I haven't really thought of how though..."

"Oh no... foiled again..."

*explosion* (as usual)

They all celebrated Chippie's death. "And I didn't even mean to run her over..." The End.

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