Ok, this comic is a little out of date, considering there is no more Fruitcake or Jello, but I thought it was an ok comic so I decided to animate it. (Also I have no ideas right now, so I had to do something! ^^;;) Enjoy!

One day Fruitcake was "very sick", so he stayed home from work. "I don't think I'm gonna make it," he said, "Jello, can you go teach the Color Guard in my place?" "Sure..." said Jello, "but Fruitcake... you only have a cold..."

When the team found out Fruitcake was sick they threw a party. "YAY! NO MORE FRUITCAKE!!!"

"Now girls..." said Jello, "just because Fruitcake isn't here it doesn't mean you can slack off. We have to practice! Now, set for 5 billion dropspins on the right."

*After 10 dropspins*

BUTTER: Peanut... you don't have arms...

Just then, there was a rustle in the bushes.

"Who's there?!" yelled Jello. "No one is aloud to watch our practices!!"

It was Chris.

"What are you doing here?!" said Jello. Chris had to think of something fast...

"I'm trying out for the team!" said Chris.

*cricket noise*

"Well..." said Jello. "Fruitcake will be thrilled! Now, lets see you do a toss."

Chris didn't really know how to do a toss... "I've got it! I've got it!" said Peanut.

Just then Chippie came. "Thanks for killing Peanut for me!"

Chris swung his flag at Chippie... but missed... accidently hitting Butter...

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" said Chris, "I've killed both of them!!"

"Thanks for doing my job for me Chris! Oh crap... not again."

Just then, Fruitcake returned. "Oh giiiiiiiiiiiirls! I'm back!"


"Oh, and welcome to the team Chris..."

"How about a big hug for your new coach?!" "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The End.

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