Welcome to The Weakest Link. I am your host, Peanut... ok... let's get started.

PEANUT: Butter, this is another name for a baked peice of dough with fruit inside of it.... or to make it easier.... Manuel.

BUTTER: Fruitcake.

PEANUT: Correct.

PEANUT: Broccoli, what is the name for the fatty ingredients of milk that are emulsified by churning?


PEANUT: Right.

"I think I'm gonna be sick..."

PEANUT: Now Chippie, who owns the rights to South Carolina's state anthem?

CHIPPIE: Um.... Michael Jackson?

PEANUT: Correct.

CHIPPIE: WOW!!!!! And I just guessed too!!! I won I won!!!!!

PEANUT: Well... actually...


"Whoa.... um... this looks like a good time for a commercial break."

"Alright, welcome back. Lets continue."

PEANUT: Betty, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

BETTY: I don't know and I don't really care.

PEANUT: Correct!

PEANUT: And Chris, what kind of animal are you?

CHRIS: That's easy! I'm a moose!

PEANUT: Um... not quite...

PEANUT: And thanks to you Chris the bank is now back at $0.

"Now it's time to vote off the weakest link!

DEEP ANNOUNCERISH-TYPE VOICE: Right now Chris is the Weakest Link and everyone else is the strongest, but only the votes will determine who will leave.

PEANUT: First vote for Betty.

PEANUT: Chris.

PEANUT: Butter.

PEANUT: And Broccoli.

"Well.... when the vote is tied, the strongest link must cast the deciding vote. The strongest link last round was.... uh.... Betty! Betty why do you want Butter to go?"

"I dunno."

"WHAT?! This is an outrage!!!!! Is this how you treat your owner and best friend Betty?! And how did you become the strongest link? Your answer didn't even make sense!!"

"Butter.... you are the Weakest Link.... Goodbye." The End.

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