One Thursday, after school, the Color Guard team was practicing with their rifels.

Olive had a littel trouble while practicing. "Don't worry about me guys..."

"Like, great job!" said Fruitcake. "You guys look so great! hehehe!!!"

"Uh.... what exactly are you wearing?" said Butter.

"Why, this is the costume you will all be wearing for Winter Guard this year!"

Just then, Chris, Noodle, and Acorn walked by. "Hey Fruitcake!" said Chris, "Are you straight?"

"I'm as straight as a noodle!"

"What!?" said Noodle, "I take offense to that!!!"

Noodle grabed Chesse's rifel...

Goodbye Fruitcake.

"Hey!" said Chippie. "That was my job!"

"Wow..." said Peanut, "I didn't know that these actually worked... (dood... I would have shot Fruitcake a loooong time ago if I'd have known...)"

All of the sudden everyone got an idea. They all aimed their rifels at Chippie... "Please guys... I can explain... I never really wanted to kill you..."

Goodbye Chippie.

"Um... could someone help me... please?" The End.

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