One morning Olive got a call from he Cousin Drew up at the farm. "Howdy Cousin," he said, "Would you and your friends like to come spend a day at my farm?" "Sure cousin! I'm sure everyone would love that!" replyed Olive.

Olive brought Chris, Broccoli, Peanut, and Butter with her to the farm. "Howdy cousin, and cousin's friends!" said Cousin Drew, "You know... my pappy always used to tell me that the horses-" Chris and Butter cut off Cousin Drew, "You have horses?!"

Right away Butter and Chris ran to go see the horses. Chris took a wrong turn on the way...

Butter watched the horses run around the corral for hours. She was interested in one "horse" in particular... the Magical Unicorn.

All day Butter thought about the Magical Unicorn.

Finally Butter decided to go make friends with the Magical Unicorn. He sang songs to her all day. Butter's faveorite song went like this: I'm a magical unicorn, rainbow colors and glowing horn, we'll have lots of fun today, when you come with me and play.

Little did they know, there was a mysterious animal in the bushes watching them as they played.

Then... Chippie jumped out of the bushes and grabed the Magical Unicorn!

And for some reason unknown to man, Chippie blew up, and the Magical Unicorn went down with her!

Butter cried and cried over the loss of her "friend." *cough* She swore never to love again.

Untill Mr. Monkey came along... The End. (or is it o_O)

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