Episode 6:

If you notice in this episode Butter never moves or says anything. Well... I was going to make it so at the end of the episode all of the characters notice this, and Peanut takes off Butter's glasses revealing that Butter had been asleep the whole episode. I'm not quite sure why I didn't put this in... I was probably being lazy. ^^;; I may put it in some day...

Episode 7:

I really wanted to put this in somewhere but I couldn't really figure out how to animate it without Chris seeing who the contestants were... but I thought it was funny. Basicaly it's just a few questions Chris was asking the contestants on the show.

PEANUT: Ok Chris. You can ask each contestant one question each.

CHRIS: Alright, Contestant #1... if we ever were to go somewhere together would you rather go to the movies, or out to eat.

CONTESTANT #1: Hmmmmmm... probably the moon.

CHRIS: That wasn't an option.

CONTESTANT #1: Ya... definately the moon.

CHRIS: Ok... next contestant. Contestant #2... Are you more of an outdoors or indoors person?


CHRIS: Uh...


CHRIS: And contestant #3... Why is the sky blue?

CONTESTANT #3: *silence*

CHRIS: Wow... that really is an amazing theory...

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